Let’s Talk About…Body Image

As lead of the health section of TwoMusings, I’ve spent days pining over what to write about for the first health article. Do I make the article personal? The foundations of nutrition? How will I set the tone for this section of the blog?

After much thought and consideration, I reached a few conclusions. 1. I accepted the fact that we are forever evolving. Yes, this is the very first health article and I want this blog to be a legitimate source of nutrition information. Nutrition is a changing science. What is true today, may change tomorrow. This is not due to the fact that scientists draw wrongful solutions from various studies. But rather, we are just beginning to truly understand the human body and it’s relationship with food. As the world changes, so does the science. Which leads to my second conclusion, 2. I want to write about something that will always lay as consistent foundation. I intend to make this first article be a reflection of my beliefs. This is not scientific or evidenced-based. This article is based on how I perceive the world and how I believe others should view themselves and the world.

So let’s talk about body acceptance.

You can type in “body acceptance” into an internet search bar and you will come up with a number of definitions and sites that promote body acceptance. There are many of those who find the phrase body acceptance synonymous with fat acceptance. There fat acceptance sites that display women of all shapes and sizes displaying pictures of themselves. Many of these websites have sprung up in response to thinspiration pages. Thinspiration pages are often filled with pictures of thin women and quotes/blogs on how to remain skinny. It seems as though a cyber war has broken out over which websites are right and which websites are wrong.

I’ll tell you what body acceptance means to me. First off, Body acceptance is the ability to love the body you reside in. You have one body and you should love it. So, self- love is step 1. The second step is the acceptance of all other body types. Once you accept your body, you need to accept other bodies. There are no camps. We cannot live in a world that battles over curvy vs. skinny vs. athletic vs. whatever other label we give ourselves. We are who we are.



These images are equally toxic. It makes the assumption that one female body type is somehow better than the other. Yes, we all have our own preferences. We prefer one look over the other, there is no way around the fact that we each have our own “type” of person we may find attractive. However, this does not make one body superior to the other.

Each body sustains a light that transcends the amount of muscle or fat that we each carry. We do not bash plus size models, nor do we bash mainstream models. The content of our character is not defined by the size of our pants. It is defined through our actions and our intentions.

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